A Brief History of PAN Enterprise

The Beginning
PAN Enterprise began in 2010 when Dr. Ian Alleyne, PhD., then director at the ADC Hospital and Research Institute in Trinidad and Tobago, realized the hospital's desperate need for an integrated system for management of the hospital's patient records and efficient financial reporting. Also, a system was needed for managing the college operations, given that the hospital also housed a medical teaching college. Dr. Alleyne led the implementation of the company’s integrated information management system, PAN Enterprise.

Dr. Alleyne has since continued to spearhead the development of PAN Enterprise over the last ten years with an offshore software development company. As the system has matured a standalone company, Aeon Innovative Solutions (AIS), was formed to manage the development and implementation of the cloud-based platform in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. Dr. Alleyne is the CEO of AIS. AIS is based in Houston and Trinidad and Tobago.

As It Stands
The system now covers several domains: hospital and clinic electronic medical records, accounting, human resource management, document management, college and student management, staff scheduling, point of sale systems, restaurant operations and pharmacy operations. The PAN Enterprise system is being actively implemented at several organizations across Trinidad and Tobago.

The Future

The next steps for the PAN Enterprise system will be to develop the local resources in software development and cyber security in Trinidad and Tobago.