Patient data, made simple.

What we provide
A single interface for clinics and hospitals, where
relationships can be made to all aspects of the patient
health records.
Electronic medical record management for family
medicine and all specialist doctors. This module uses
unique database technology which allows
customization of the doctors’ records. Each doctor
can enter notes in their custom templates and the
notes can still be analyzed because of the
standardized medical record structure.

PAN EMR Features:
• Out-patient visit management and specific
• In Patient visit management and specific workflows
• Specialist clinic form templates
• Automatic calculations for: BMI, Pulse pressure, etc.
• Automatic classification of patient (e.g.
hypertensive) based on the blood pressure reading
and the recommended values.
• Pediatric growth curves (CDC and WHO)
• Special form layout for gynecologist/ obstetrician
• Link to open all obstetric ultrasound images, reports
and growth curves
• Special drop down lists for all variety of heart
conditions and abnormalities
• A&E and Ward bed monitoring and management
with graphs of all vitals

EMR Highlights

  • Electronic Medical Records (Clinic and Hospital)
  • EMR Interface Highlights
  • Ward Bed Management and Status View
  • Clear view of what beds need attention based on
    the vitals collected or length of time since
    monitoring has been done
  • Pediatric Growth Curves
  • Vitals Monitoring
  • Current vitals 
  • and much mor

What kind of Analytics do we offer?
Core features such as document management
and reporting are integrated and will allow
analytics on all data in a unified interface.
All analytics values can be trended over time
and on flexible time scale groupings (hour, day,
week, month, year)

EMR and Telemedicine
Specialist forms are included with the system to
allow the telemedicine workflow.
Local nurses & doctors collect information & send
this to be reviewed by foreign specialist. Local
doctors can draw on the human body to indicate
abnormalities. Pictures can be attached and
The remote specialist then has a wealth
information at his finger tips to ask for additional
examinations, order prescriptions, generate a
diagnosis & plan treatment. The specialists are
then able to enter their findings and treatment
plan for the patient.

Problems with your paperwork? EMR includes:

  • Templates for letters such as sick leave, well patient and specialist handler’s medical and driver’s permit
  • Easily accessible patient information: Phone calls, Emails, Past and current prescriptions, Laboratory requests and results and Radiology reports. PACS Images, and more.
  • Integration with the Rx module to access the drug list and write electronic prescriptions
  • Administration of vaccines and immunizations
  • Dashboards for quality and performance management

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