A single source for all financial data across your organization.


  • VAT reports
  • Generate financial documents for audit
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Multi-company chart of accounts
  • Billing for insurance companies
  •  Check voucher 
  • Budgets and monitoring of planned and actual
    spending and income
  • Management of customer/patient, company and
    employee invoices
  • Standard accounting chart of accounts,
    reporting and integration with the HR, POS module

Local regulatory reporting.

The VAT report is generated based on all purchases
and sales. The sales tax is tracked based on the local
The integration with the point of sale and the
purchasing process ensures the data re-entry is
reduced to a minimum.
Integrated finance, billing and accounting. Chart of
accounts supports multiple companies with local
government tax configurations.

Invoicing and Accounts Receivable Workflow
As invoices are generated and paid, the system
tracks all outstanding amounts and gives alerts to
the accountant and customers on their
outstanding balance to encourage faster
payment of outstanding invoices.
This module is easily integrated with all other
PAN Enterprise modules. This reduces data entry
significantly and allows for a single source for all
financial data across the organization.

Your Dashboard
Dashboard layout showing the status of each of the
accounts receivable (AR) for the organizations. This
shows the amount paid towards AR and the amount
of credit given to different customer types:
Insurance Companies, Companies, Patient’s (IOU)
and Employees.
This allows a quick overview of where payments
have been made as well for the current day, week,
month and year.

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