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What we provide
The HR module is a customizable human resource
management system which allows local country
payroll, roster management (planned and
actual shift reporting), and employee performance
management. The module includes integration with
biometric hardware for automatic sign
in, sign out. Integration with the point of sale for
automatic employee discounts and debit of payroll
for items purchased at the point of sale

• Trinidad and Tobago payroll and payslips
• Biometric system integration for check in and
check out
• Employee performance management
• Integration with accounting
• Staff rosters
• Plan and Actual time comparison reports
• Employee leave management
• Employee loan management
• Recruitment Management


Create employee shift roosters and distribute
individual rosters by email to employees and
overall summary to supervisors and managers. The
system integrates of biometric scanners to track
clock in clock out data and create planed and
actual roster reports for staff performance
Graph layout of each hour in the day and the
number of employees assigned.

How does it save time and money?

Allows a quick overview of where employees have
been assigned and any potential areas for
optimization of the roster assignment.
Open connectivity to biometric and facial
recognition check in/out devices.
Quick responsive navigation
Minimize user entry and error by automatically
importing check in/out data.

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