Control of your medical laboratory, in one place.

What we provide

PAN LIMS goes beyond the traditional laboratory
management system. It’s functionality goes into
overdrive for a laboratory integrated with a hospital
or clinic, it delivers an integrated platform which
can be used by a laboratory and all associated
departments in the medical organization.
The system implements a several workflows for the
management of the laboratory.
LIMS dashboard for a quick view of the number of
patients seen and specimens analyzed, today, this
week and this month.


  • Laboratory performance monitoring using the
  • Bar coding of samples
  • Laboratory inventory
  • Tracking of the state of a sample or patient
    Approval and rejection workflow
  • Automated update to the referring doctor on
    the results availability
  • Specimen and laboratory work-list, one
    specimen can create multiple laboratory
  • Comprehensive list of laboratory templates:
    biochemistry, histology, hematology, paternity
    test, semen analysis, BC, serology, urology,
    micro biology, pap smear, STD’s

Specimen and laboratory worklists

Gives a listing of all patients who have been
registered for the day.
Here the users can review the current status of all
patients who have visited the organization for the day.

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