A seamless system of retrieval, storage, and display of medical images.


  • Integration with PACS databases
  • Transfer of links to available studies, series and
    WADO objects
  • Ability to open the studies, series or objects in 3
    different PACS viewers which then allows annotations,
    measurements and 3D reconstruction
  • Linking of studies to the associated RIS report, once
    linked, measurements can be transferred from the
    PACS viewer to the RIS without retyping
  • Dashboards for quality and performance

PACS Dashboard
PACS dashboard for a quick view of the number of
studies and
categorizing these into modalities such as CT, CR,
X-Ray for selectable time ranges, today, this week
and this month, this year.
Each tile gives access to a pie chart and bar graph
which fives details on the particular tile by relevant
categories and over time respectively.

PACS Worklist
All PACS worklist data is transferred periodically
into PAN PACS. Here details on the PACS studies,
services & objects are all stored. The PAN PACS
module allows the connection to multiple PACS
servers concurrently.

Efficient transfer from PACS to RIS
All measurements done in the PACS can be
transferred to RIS specific variables. This removes
the need to retype values. This reduces the
likelihood of errors andspeeds up the report
generation process.

Dynamic Images
As images are transferred between the imaging
modalities and the PACS, the PACS module is updated to
reflect these. This allows the images to be linked with the
RIS reports. Images can be viewed annotated and
measurements can be performed and transferred seemly
to the RIS.

Unified Interface
User interface is integrated with PAN RIS and PAN EMR
Core features such as, measurement from the PACS
drawing on the screen and transfer of the measurements
to the RIS are all fully implemented.

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