Customer sales, lifeblood of commerce. Now made better.

What we provide
One Common POS System for all businesses
User interface is integrated with PAN EMR so that
there is no need for duplicate entry of any data:

  • Hospital examinations
  • Laboratory tests
  • Pharmacy dispensed drugs

All automatically transferred to the point of sale
and waiting to be paid.
Multiple point of sale stations in a network
Single point of sale station with a dedicated

• Hospital, Retail and Restaurant POS interface
using common database backend
• Inventory management
• Insurance payment recording & Integration with
purchasing and accounting
• Integration with the hospital, patients receive
orders from doctors and nurse and items ready
for payment at the POS
• Trinidad and Tobago VAT reports automatically
• Pharmacy integration
• Invoicing and account management from the
POS front end
• Returns from the front end and back end
• Put cash in and take cash out form the front
end once the user has rights
• User can edit product photos and tags for easy
searching form the POS front end
• Loyalty points management
• Frequent user loyalty cards supported
• Employee account sales and integration with

What about your unique business?
We offer custom POS with all common POS
hardware options.
The Point of Sale system will be modified to meet
the needs of diverse industries including: retail,
healthcare, restaurant, pharmacy and college,
based on your needs. The POS hardware has been
tested and is currently in use with
multiple common POS hardware devices:

  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Customer Display
  • Weighing Scale
  • Receipt Printer
  • Cash Drawer

Sales Analytics
Core features such as document
management and reporting are integrated
and allow analytics on all data in a unified

POS Performance Dashboard
All analytics values can be trended over
time and on flexible time scale groupings
(hour, day, week, month, year)

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