Connected medical imaging systems using secure cloud infrastructure

What we provide
Analytics on most results
Estimated fetal weight analytics based on reference
values, for different specifications such as single, twin
and triplet pregnancies.
Radiology Department Analytics: All of the reports done
for different examination types form performance and
quality metrics on a real time basis and can be viewed
through the unified interface.

Quality Performance Dashboard
Number of studies and the turnaround time (TAT) are
monitored and available on the dashboard.

Ultrasound reporting templates:
• Echocardiogram
• Obstetric – 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester
• Abdominal
• Thyroid
• Breast
• Pelvic
• Normal
Computerized Tomography (CT) reporting templates
Obstetric Ultrasound template reports and calculations
Ultrasound: Fetus Biometry
Multi-Encounter Plotting
Comprehensive Estimated Fetal Weight Calculations
Ultrasound: Amniotic Fetal Index (AFI) monitoring
X-Ray reporting templates
Mammogram reporting templates

What makes RIS different?
Ability to open related PACS studies directly from the
RIS so that both the image and the report can be seen
and modified (dual screens recommended).
Estimated fetal weight Graphs.
All template reports in the system have a
corresponding pdf report layout.
PDF reporting and archiving: The user can print this at
any time, all pdf reports generated are stored to the
document management system for long term archival.
All graphs can be printed with or without the
corresponding report.
All analytics values can be trended over time and on
flexible time scale groupings (hour, day, week, month,
The obstetric ultrasounds allow the organization to
predict the delivery date, this can allow the
organization to call the relevant patients in time to
plan to have them do their deliveries at the

Committed to your convenience
Template text for reporting fields which allows rapid
generation of common normal or abnormal text
fields for quickly generating a standard normal
report or one documenting common abnormalities.
Detailed fetus management using multiple trimester
obstetric ultrasound reports and associated growth
curves for CRL, mean sack diameter, BPD, HC, AC,
FL, AFI, EFW using statistical data from over 30
Dashboards for quality and performance .

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