The cornerstone to a fast and efficient pharmacy

What we provide
Prescribing and dispensing of drugs and walk-in
prescriptions are managed by this module. A
comprehensive drug database has been built within
this module based on its operation at a major
hospital and pharmacy. Tight integration between
the dispensary and point of sale minimizes the need
for re-entry and reduces the wait and processing
time for the customer.


  • History of all drugs dispensed
  • Storage of scanned prescriptions
  • Pharmacy performance dashboard
  • Seamless return of drugs close to the expiry date
  • Manage the dispensing and tracking of the
    number of CDAP drugs dispensed to allow
    invoicing to NIPDEC
  • Generation of prescriptions and dispensing of
    drugs form a comprehensive drug list
  • Integration with the point of sale to allow the
    tracking of a drug order from prescription to
    dispensing to payment
  • Dashboards for quality and performance

Dispensary to Point of Sale Integration
Integration with the POS, no reentry of data for the
POS transaction (Rx: this button in the POS allows
the retrieval of all filled prescriptions which have
not yet been paid for)

Pharmacy Dashboard and Analytics
Prescribed drugs list form the EMR for in-house
Listing of Dispensed drugs for the day
Listing of Drugs that are close to their expiry date
and need to be returne

Rx Dashboard
Rx dashboard gives a quick view of the number of
patients who have had drugs dispensed and a
comparison between walk-in and in-house patients,
today, this week and this month.

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