A new generation of technology, for training the next generation

    What we provide
    School, student and quality management system
    which delivers the needs of a small advanced
    learning institution. The system delivers storage
    of information on students, instructors, timetables,
    grades, transcripts, quality management surveys
    and document management for the archiving
    of documents.

• Employee Details
• Student Details
• Parent details
• Books and issues details
• Timetable updates
• Fee details
• Salary details
• Report generations
• Attendance management system
• Campus management system
• Learning management systems
• Leave management system
• Library management system
• Student database management system
• Student information management system
• Student management system
• Timetable management system

Comprehensive Management
The system is also integrated with the accounting
module for management of billing and the human
resources module for the management of salaries
and performance. All data from different stake
holders can be stored and retrieved to allow quality
management and continuous improvement.

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