A powerful tool for managing your medical office, from patient registration to
appointment management and more.

What we provide
Efficient management of your medical office from
doctor availability, appointments, registration,
invoicing and tight integration with the medical
point of sale to optimize data entry.

Examination Dashboard
Quick view of patients who visited today and an
overview of all examinations done.


  • Registration of patients
  • Management of payment process and
    interface to the POS
  • Appointment management
    Management of doctor availability
  • Email confirmation of appointments
    Patient registration, invoicing, phone calls and
  • Each tile gives access to a pie chart and bar
    graph which fives details on the particular tile
    by relevant categories and over time
  • Tracking top referring doctors

The Worklist
Gives a listing of all patients who have
been registered for the day.
Here the users can review the current
status of all patients who have visited the
organization for the day.

Management of appointments from an
integrated interface.

EMR Interface Highlights
Medical office dashboard for a quick view of the
number of patients and appointments seen today,
this week and this month.
This allows the efficient tracking of repeat and new

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